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Milwaukee MachineTool Corporation is a global industrial leader with over 40 years experience in manufacturing machine tools and components in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can choose from our standard sizing or we can build to your custom specifications. Our extended line includes modular dovetail, hardened way, linear bearing slides, slide/spindle modules, tooling, utility slides and multi-axis units. We also offer a complete line of precision spindles including belt driven, motorized, and gear driven. Our services include super precision machine grinding, slide and spindle repair.

Committed to Quality…

Milwaukee MachineTool Corp. offers the highest quality machine tool linear guidance systems achieving a sensible economic advantage, technical integrity and the machine life our customer’s demand. The efficient and effortless performance of Milwaukee MachineTool’s machine slides provides precise, accurate horizontal and vertical line movement. Our machine tool spindles and components are of the highest quality and have achieved a great reputation for their long life in many demanding applications.