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Low Profile 168" length, 18" wide Hardened Way Slides with precision ballscrew for field machining

Custom Block Spindle for 32" dia. metal sawing blade 50 HP, 5700 RPM

Block Spindle with recirculating coolant to the spindle nose for friction stir welding

Block Spindle with ER50 nose for gun-drilling

Horizontal Block Spindle ER50 with Belt Drive Box

X-Y Dovetail Compounds with opposing offset Spindles for sawing medical device

CB4 Slides with Servo's and Controller for synchronous movements, nickel plated with Auto-Lube

High Profile HHW12 Special with Block Spindle,In-Line Drive, Counter-Balance Cylinders for Vertical Application

Low Profile LHW18 Slide, Ballscrew Drive with Limit Switches,Telescoping Cover non-drive side, 5-sided Sheet Metal Cover on drive-side







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