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LRW6: 6 inch wide roller way slide with air cylinder, stop rod, accordion way covers, two limit switches on the cylinder. Used for thread rolling.

LHW9: 9” wide low profile hardened way slide with acme lead screw, hand wheel, offset drive, accordion way covers and SW8 swivel. Used for grinding.

CB8/HSD6/MB275: 2 linear axes and one rotary axis assembly with rack and pinion drive and digital readout. Used to mill rubberliners.

RSD6/RSD6: five compound dovetail slide assemblies with Turcite® ways and electroless nickel plating.

CB4: dovetail slide with air cylinder and stop rod. Used for tooling.

MB275/LBW8/LBW8/LBW12: one spindle and three axis slide assembly with linear ball bearings, ground ball screws and motor mounts. Used to mill a chamfer on an aluminum part.

LBW6/LBW10: 6" wide low profile ball way slide mounted on a 10" wide ball way slide with a 132" long x 12" square tube as a base. Used to cut carbon fiber.

LRW16: low profile roller way slide with accordion way covers and special circular tee slot. Used for grinding.

LBW10/LBW12: two spindles mounted to a three axis slide assembly with ball screws, motor mounts, accordion way covers and air cylinder. Used for cutting paper rolls.

LRW12/HRW12: two axis slide assembly with metal way covers and special machining on the top saddle. Used for metal spinning.

SP16/A16: special dovetail slide and 32" tall angle plate assembly with hydraulic cylinder. Used for thread spinning.





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