Robotic Transfer Units


MMC-RTU’s are NOT the same as alternative solutions offered today. We equip our RTU’s for the harshest environments, keeping in mind that Total Cost of Ownership is most important when it comes to any capital investment. We are trying to “stand out” and not “blend in” as an integration partner.

Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Full “Walk On” Protective Way Covers (Top or Top and Sides)

    • Keeps out contamination; Provides increased integration flexibility by eliminating the environmental concerns surrounding the customization of a system for harsh environments; Cleaner look for more professional installation
  • Modular Base Design (1000 mm Increments)

    • Machined and Matched Sections, which will save labor during integration and assembly in the field. (i.e.: they precisely bolt & dowel together and are at the same height / vs. “air gap” or “splice plate” types of section joining).
      • MMC equipment is built correctly; to Machine Tool Industry Standards. Our equipment is not shimmed or stressed into place. We pride ourselves on our decades of machine tool build tradition, incorporating that into every new solution we provide for industry.
  • “Commercially-Available Off the Shelf” (C.O.T.S.) Philosophy of Component Selection:

    • Required by the Aerospace Industry (many others are catching on), our components are “commercially available” and to a high degree brand interchangeable. This is a major degree of separation when it comes to selling in many markets. (This differs from “in-house” manufacturing, which is subject to internal priorities and overseas shipping challenges).
    • Affords MMC “leverage” when dealing with sub-suppliers, which intern protects our promised deliveries to our integration partners.

Machine Tool Grade Professionals at MMC:

“The professionals at MMC know precision, as we have for decades been providing solutions for industry. You can trust that at every stage of your project, we will work with your team to provide the correct solution for your application.”


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