Dovetail Slide – RS/RSD Series

Regular service (RS) dovetail slide products are suited for light-duty positioning applications where compact dimensions are required. Dovetail slides are rugged positioning units suited for manual or powered movement. They are typically used in positioning applications where occasional movement is required. If convenient positioning is desired, these slides can be equipped with a leadscrew drive (RSD) and come with a micrometer dial and hand crank. The slides are easily and securely locked into the desired position with the optional gib lock handle.

Our RS / RSD series dovetail slides feature:

  • Stress-relieved cast iron base and saddle for maximum stability
  • Precision ground exterior surfaces
  • Standard lubrication provisions on RS / RSD6, optional on RS / RSD2, 3 and 4
  • Precision ground straight gib
  • Each slide is factory-adjusted and tested prior to shipment

Dovetail Slides – RS

Dovetail Slides – RSD

Regular Service Dovetail Slide Dimensions

Please refer to the figures of the dovetail slides in correlation with the chart below.



Regular Service Dovetail Slide with Drive Screw Dimensions

Please refer to the figure of the dovetail slide in correlation with the chart below.

On slides that offer a leadscrew choice, put “V” in parenthesis for Vee thread lead screw, “A” for Acme