Hardened Way Slides – HHW/LHW Series



Hardened way slides are designed primarily for production machining operations where the slide must be rigid and accurate while under heavy loads and vibration. These slides offer greater stiffness and accuracy than dovetail slides, and are best suited for powered operation.

Our hardened way slides feature:

  • Steel ways flame hardened to 58/60 Rc
  • Low-friction bearing material which reduces friction to less than half and permits a tighter fitting slide
  • Deep cavity, stress relieved cast iron bases (HHW version)
  • Heavy cross-section, stress relieved cast iron saddles
  • Precision surface ground mounting surfaces
  • Standard way wipers
  • Precision ground straight gib
  • Adjustable keeper gibs
  • Provisions for lubrication
  • Each slide is factory-adjusted and tested prior to shipment