Linear Guide Slides – HBW/HRW



Linear guide slides feature precision rolling-element linear bearings, which provide accurate linear guidance and rigidity. These slides are designed to handle heavy loads and vibration while maintaining a high degree of rigidity and precision. As such, MILWAUKEE linear guide slides are best suited for machining operations, and are generally oversized for general automation and assembly applications.

Linear guide slides differ from sliding-friction slides, such as dovetail and hardened way, in that the linear bearings are preloaded, and require no adjustment of fit over the life of the slide. The linear guide slide also has less than 1/10 th the frictional drag for a given load, allowing savings in the size of the servomotor and amplifier.

Ball vs. Roller Linear Guides

Linear ball bearings – offer the highest traverse speed and lowest frictional drag

Linear roller bearings – provide the greatest rigidity and vibration damping, and are the first choice for heavy / rough machining operations

Our linear guide slides feature:

  • Stress relieved cast iron base and saddle for maximum stability
  • Precision ground exterior surfaces
  • Precision, preloaded linear bearings (ball or roller)
  • Only premium-quality bearings from German, Swiss or Japanese suppliers are used
  • Each runner block has its own seals on six sides
  • Precision ground base and saddle
  • Linear rails are shouldered, and are pinned after alignment
  • Provisions for lubrication
  • Each slide is tested prior to shipment