Dovetail Slides – CB/CBF Series



CB / CBF Drive Screw

CB / CBF Cylinder Drive

Heavy duty contoured base dovetail slides are designed for accuracy under heavy loading conditions.The cavity in the base allows for a drive mechanism, such as leadscrew or cylinder, to be stationary, as the saddle traverses. This provides full support for the saddle along its entire stroke, increasing rigidity and accuracy.

The contoured base slide is also available in a flanged style (CBF version) for applications where mounting from below or in the center of the slide is not practical.

Our CB series dovetail slides feature:

  • Heavy-duty stress relieved cast iron base and saddle for maximum stability
  • Base casting has a cast recess to permit mounting of leadscrew, ballscrew or cylinder drive
  • Precision ground ways (CB4 and larger)
  • Precision ground exterior surfaces
  • Standard lubrication provisions
  • Precision ground straight gib
  • Each slide is factory-adjusted and tested prior to shipment
  • Types: CB = Contoured Base; CBF = Contoured Base with Flanges